The Story behind the arT

As an early teen, Skott’s first graffiti “tag” was his own rendering of the iconic Gumby, an American clay humanoid character created by Art Clokey. Over the years, his work has evolved; drawing inspiration from Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and graffiti artist Banksy to produce what Skott has dubbed “Controlled Chaos”.

A transformation began in 2011 when he became one of the top trending artists to work out of the Wynwood Art & Design District of Miami – a hotbed for the industry’s latest talent. Skott was asked to paint live at Art Basel Miami which became a driving force for exposure. He made a big impression during the show and was asked to participate in a group exhibition at the Art Place Gallery.

In the following years, solo shows at the Catalina Hotel on Collins and the newly opened Gale Hotel in 2014 garnered him notoriety. Miamians began to take notice – Gallery owner and accomplished artist Danilo Gonzalez commissioned Skott for The Wynwood Café. Later Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design introduced him to a number of projects including La Familia Grocery Store and a mural for Philip Levine, the Mayor of Miami. The Miami Heat also invited him to create some visual sizzle for their pre-season VIP party.

Simultaneously, a network of high profile collectors were eager to own a canvas – Jeremy Shockey, a New York Giants Super Bowl Champion and singer/songwriter Christina Aguilera were amongst the many to collect his work.

Art Basel Miami 2013, Stephane Valici and Yelena Swain from the gallery Street Art Dubai attended in search of the next wave of talent. They visited Marsi’s Wynwood studio and left with two canvasses; inviting him to showcase in Dubai, October 2014. Shortly afterward, the Office of H. H. The Crown Prince of Dubai (UAE) invited 100 of the world’s best street artists, including Marsi, to paint the largest graffiti scroll ever, now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Other notable exhibitions include shows in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and downtown Los Angeles. Furthermore, Skott was commissioned to customize several high-end clothing stores, office interiors and exteriors plus luxury cars for Von Asken. In a short period of time, Skott’s reputation has expanded nationally from New York to Los Angeles and internationally from Dubai to Australia.

Ask Skott why he has a heart tattooed on his hand and he’ll tell you, “It’s a reminder why I am doing this. It’s dedication. It’s an uncontrollable feeling I attain when I paint. I give my he(ART) to this craft in hopes of leaving a legacy that paints a bigger picture than I could ever achieve.”

To underscore this generous spirit, Skott has donated works to the auctions of numerous charitable organizations such as High Heels and Handshakes, Butterflies No Longer Live Here, Autism Speaks, the Cornwall Center of Myers Park in North Carolina and Jackson Memorial Hospital to name a few.

Skott will often invite local children of the community to help with his murals, teaching the youth as he shares his love and passion for art with an intention to inspire them; underscoring the tags in which Skott lives by, #BeGreat #StayHumble #InspireSomeone.